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Fredo believes the only content worth spreading is that which inspires others. Whether celebrating an achievement, showcasing a personality, or sharing a story, he works tirelessly for both global and local brands to create award-winning content that is both positive and meaningful.

In addition to his freelance and in-house work, he recently launched a small online magazine devoted to the human side of S.T.E.M.


Is Darling his real last name? Soon! Turns out a bride and groom can pick any last name they want!

What are his rates? Fredo's rates are based on the use of the work and scale of the project.

Does he have a day job? Yes. He works by day on your side of the table as a Creative Director at BMW.

Did he go to school for this? Yes. Art school was crazy.

What is he into besides photography? Science, reading, and asking himself questions online.


Fredo has been lucky to work with the amazing people at:

MIT, Boston College, The New England Patriots, Microsoft, Marvel, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Infiniti, Toyota, Boston Globe Magazine, New England Aquarium, Mass General Hospital, Blizzard Entertainment, Geeked Magazine, Everybody Fights, United Way, and many other equally awesome groups.

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t   617.816.1873

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